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Let’s face it Limo Service planning can be a major pain. But it’s well worth it after you put all the pieces in place. What’s important is that you achieve the best experience for the best rates and price.

Our history as a party planning company showed us that some expenses go a little further than others, with some items being MUCH more worth the money… getting a party bus is at the very top of the party-necessities list and is always worth the costs.

Even a short transfer in a luxury partybus gets your event started off with the right energy, and makes you feel like a true VIP. There’s nothing like it. Once the music starts pumping with the lighting systems putting a glow on everyone’s faces, the excitement starts as you know you’re few of the lucky passengers having that experience in Los Angeles. It is a true VIP experience!

At VIP Party Bus Rental, we collaborate with the most reputable and highest rated luxury transportation providers in Los Angeles. Call now and you’ll be directly connected to our party bus partner to get an instant quote. Don’t wait - get your quote right now and take care of this extremely important part of your plan!


It varies on which vehicle you select. The range of possibilities is typically a smaller stretch limo can fit around 6-7 people comfortably; something like an SUV limo can fit around 20 people; and a large party bus/van can fit around 40 and upwards of even 50 people.

If you know your group size you should book as quickly as possible as vehicle availability is limited - you don\'t want to miss out on your perfect ride for your perfect night!

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Top Tips For Choosing A Luxury Party Bus Company In Los Angeles


Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of party bus rentals. Your event will be more memorable than ever when you add a luxury part bus to the mix. That way, you and your guests can have an amazing time in the party buses. You can choose a party rental bus company in your area if you would like to hire one.

Whether you are planning a bachelor party, family reunion, bachelorette party, birthday, office party, prom, anniversary, wedding party or any other event, you should consider a party busy rental. Just by the name alone ' a party bus' will create the illusion of fun festivities ahead. To make sure that your experience with a party bus rental is positive, listed below are the best pieces of advice for people planning to hire party buses.

1. Asking Questions

There are a few questions you need to ask the luxury car service provider before renting a party bus for any event. It is crucial in ensuring that each guest is safe. You should ask the party bus rental provider about the model and condition of the party buses. Ensure that the drivers are of legal driving age and that they have valid driver's licenses.


2. Bring The Agreed Amount Of People

Always remember that each party bus a specific limit to the number of people it can comfortably accommodate. Party buses typically have enough space for between 18 and 30 people. There are bigger buses that have enough space to hold 55 individuals. You need to ask the rental company about the passenger capacity and make sure you don't surpass it.

3. Get It Documented
A witten agreement is not entirely essential, but it will come in handy if there are any last minute changes that you had not been notified about. The agreement needs to spell out the party bus rates, deposit required, as well as the tipping policy. If there are additional services available, like chilled bottle service, the luxury party bus provider should make sure that this is included in the agreement.


4. Split Costs Early In Advance

Once you know how much it costs to rent a party bus, you can start dividing the costs among each passenger early enough. In case you are paying for the full price yourself, then you will not need to worry about that. You should be prepared for the upfront deposit because it is mandatory for most party bus rental companies. In case you are splitting the cost, make sure to collect the money before the due date of the final payment.

5. Don't Hesitate Until The Last Minute To Book

You should make the necessary arrangements to rent the party bus at least a whole week before the event. Most people usually make the mistake of hiring the bus last minute, only to find that all the vehicles are booked by other clients. To avoid this outcome, you should make it a point to reserve your luxury bus ahead of schedule.

6. No Route Changes After Booking

After a reservation has been made, you should not ask the driver to make changes to the route. A luxury party bus driver is not authorized to make any route changes. You should always get authorization from the head office if it is absolutely crucial to make any route changes. Keep in mind that most drivers are llocated a specific time for each day. Changing the route may make them exceed the number of hours they are alowed in the vehicle.

7. Be aware of the Los Angeles Alcohol Laws

Note that, you are not allowed to bring alcohol in the party buses if you are bringing minors. If any of the guests are under 21 years of age and bring alcohol with them, the driver will deny entry to the bus. This policy on underage drinking is so as to ensure that the guests are all safe.

8. Be Courteous To The Driver

The drivers that work for bus companies are trained to be friendly and offer great customer service. Ensure that you remain respectful and that you do not mistreat your driver. If there is an issue while you are on the bus, you should get in touch with the company instead of having an altercation with your driver.

In conclusion, you can transform any event into being magnificent and memorable by simply hiring a luxury party bus. Most luxury party buses have numerous exciting amenities such as beverage stations, great entertainment systems and fantastic leather seats just to mention a few of the great luxuries inside. All the guests are guaranteed to have a great time riding in the party bus. The guests do not need to worry about getting through terrible traffic or even getting spedding tickets or fines. The driver can deal with all of that while you spend time entertaining your guests.

9. The Party Might Go On For Longer Than Expected

Most party bus events extend up to almost half and hour, while some go for an extra 90 minutes. This is because party buses are so much fun! It is advisable to assume the party will go on for longer than planned so ensure you make adequate evening plans.


10. Be Punctual With Regards To Pick Up And Drop Off Times

Be certain to arrive on time for the pick up and drop off. The rental company will charge you on a hourly basis so make sure the guests are on time too and board fast. Otherwise, you risk spending more than you budgeted.

To have a smooth night, ensure that you start it off being on time - the extra effort allows for better coordination of the rest of the event. Follow all of these tips if you wish to have a great time during your event and you want to avoid having any big bumps in the road. The goal should be to make your trip an experience you will remember for a lifetime.