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Let’s face it Limo Service planning can be a major pain. But it’s well worth it after you put all the pieces in place. What’s important is that you achieve the best experience for the best rates and price.

Our history as a party planning company showed us that some expenses go a little further than others, with some items being MUCH more worth the money… getting a party bus is at the very top of the party-necessities list and is always worth the costs.

Even a short transfer in a luxury partybus gets your event started off with the right energy, and makes you feel like a true VIP. There’s nothing like it. Once the music starts pumping with the lighting systems putting a glow on everyone’s faces, the excitement starts as you know you’re few of the lucky passengers having that experience in Riverside. It is a true VIP experience!

At VIP Party Bus Rental, we collaborate with the most reputable and highest rated luxury transportation providers in Riverside. Call now and you’ll be directly connected to our party bus partner to get an instant quote. Don’t wait - get your quote right now and take care of this extremely important part of your plan!


It varies on which vehicle you select. The range of possibilities is typically a smaller stretch limo can fit around 6-7 people comfortably; something like an SUV limo can fit around 20 people; and a large party bus/van can fit around 40 and upwards of even 50 people.

If you know your group size you should book as quickly as possible as vehicle availability is limited - you don\'t want to miss out on your perfect ride for your perfect night!

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Points To Consider When Selecting The Best Partybus Rental Company In Riverside


Party bus rentals are one of the most popular ways to have a fun event and there is a very good reason for this. If you are looking to create a memorable and wonderful experience, you should consider hiring luxury party buses. That way, you and your guests can have an amazing time in the party buses. You can choose a party rental bus company in your area if you would like to hire one.

Renting a party bus is best for all types of occasions, including bachelorette parties, proms, birthdays, anniversary celebrations and weddings. Even the name 'party bus' tells you that you are about to have the time of your life. If you want to guarantee the best experience using a party bus rental, here is what you need to consider before renting one.

1. Asking Questions

Before you forge ahead and hire someone, you should ask the provider any questions that are on your mind. Holding back will not make things better for you or the company you are renting from. It is crucial in ensuring that each guest is safe. First, you should ask the company about the model and current condition of the party bus. Also, you need to find out whether the drivers of the party bus have a valid driver's license or if it's suspended as well as whether they are of legal age to drive.


2. What Number Of People Will Be Going On The Ride?

Every bus has a limit to the number of riders they are able to accommodate. Generally, a bus should hold between 18 and 30 people. You can also opt for a full-size coach that can hold up to 55 people. If you plan to bring any more people to the party once you have already booked it, you can ask the rental company to give you the information on the maximum number of people allowed on the bus.

3. Get All Things In Writing
It might not be mandatory to have everything written down but you can avoid any hidden costs that might pop up during or after the rental. Make sure the agreement mentions the required amount for deposit, the price of renting the bus and the tipping policy, if present. The rental company should also mention any other additional services such as the entertainment systems, chilled bottles and much more, in the agreement.


4. Divide The Expenses Beforehand

Once you know how much it costs to rent a party bus, you can start dividing the costs among each passenger early enough. If you find yourself paying for the full price yourself, then you will not need to worry about that. An upfront deposit will be required by most limo companies, so be ready. If you have decided to split costs, then ensure you get all the money from everyone that is paying before the final payment is due.

5. Don't Hold Off Until The Last Minute To Book

It is advisable to hire the party bus rental ideally a week prior to your event. People often leave the booking of the luxury party bus rental to the very last minute only to find that all the luxury party bus rental provider's vehicles are booked. Therefore, you should plan ahead and get the party bus early enough for the best results.

6. No Route Changes After Booking

Do not demand for a route change from the bus driver once you have booked the bus. A luxury party bus driver is not authorized to make any route changes. However, in case you actually must change the route, contact the head office and make sure you have the proper authorization. Do not forget that most drivers are llocated a specific time for each day. When you make changes, this might lead to them exceeding the amount of hours they can be allowed to operate the bus.

7. Research The Riverside Alcohol Laws

You cannot have alcohol present on buses that have minors on board. If a minor tries entering the bus with alcohol, the driver will have to deny entry. The underage drinking policy is carried out to safeguard and protect all guests.

8. Be Courteous Towards The Driver

The driver will always be professional, respectful and polite at all times. Ensure that you remain respectful and that you do not mistreat your driver. If you have any complaints, contact the company directly rather than fighting with your driver.

In the long run, adding a luxury party bus to your event schedule will make it fun and memorable to every one involved. Party buses ate usually fitted with amazing amenities that include beverage stations, leather seats, entertainment systems, among other luxuries. These amenities ensure the guests have a fabulous time in the party bus. The guests do not need to worry about getting through terrible traffic or even getting spedding tickets or fines. The luxury party bus rental's driver will make sure that everybody has a great time riding in the bus.

9. In The Event You Need The Party Bus For Longer

On average, rentals are extended by around 30 minutes. About a quarter of all rentals are extended for 90 minutes or more. This is because party buses are so much fun! When you are making your event plans, leave sufficient time in case your reservation is longer than intended.


10. Arrive On-time For Pick Up And Drop Off

It is important that you make sure you are on time for pick up as well as drop off, and be at the right place too. Luxury buses charge by the hour, which is why it is essential to ensure that everybody boards quickly. That way, you don't stray too far from the budget.

If you would like your night to run smoothly, make sure that you are not late. This will set the tone for the entire evening. With these tips, your event will go off without a hitch. It will make your trip an unforgettable experience.